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Des nouvelles du projet Nifty Mini Drive


Rapidement, des nouvelles du projet Nifty Mini Drive dont je vous parlais ici

 » So we got some alone time with a MacBook Pro Retina today and were able to make precise measurements. It turns out that the Retina’s SD card slot is 1mm(!!) deeper than on any of the other Apple computers.

This means that the MiniDrive Pro will NOT work reliably on the Retina MacBook. We cannot express how frustrating this is and how stupid we feel that we missed that the first time round!! Sorry to everyone we told that the MiniDrive Pro would fit in the MacBook Pro Retina!

So – we must announce a third, separate product, a mere 1mm longer than our others: the MiniDrive Retina. We have not put up new pictures as it looks almost identical to the MiniDrive Pro!

To make things clear for everyone, there are now three versions of the Nifty MiniDrive: 
• The MiniDrive Air (formally just the MiniDrive) 
• The MiniDrive Pro (also compatible with the iMac) 
• The MiniDrive Retina (from today)

To ensure compatibility, please choose the one that directly reflects your model of MacBook computer. We have just put up new pledge rewards to reflect the new choices. « 

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